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Storage workshop and service container KWS-WZM-001

The KWS-WZM-001 container workshop is designed for rapid and efficient preparation of a repair and maintenance station for the Infantry Fighting Vehicles ROSOMAK 
The filtering and air conditioning equipment provides the thermal comfort for the crew, inside the containers and workshop tents, at ambient temperatures from -30 ° C to + 50 ° C as well as in dusty and contaminated conditions. Additional side tents allow to conduct other works outside the container space.

Preparation of KWS-WZM-001 workshop starts when the containers are removed from the trailer by autonomous hydraulic supports and positioned directly on the ground. The workshop size is  17.6 x 16.0 m, which is approximately 280 m2.

Technical data

KWS.NW-01 tent basic specification:
  • tent weight 650 kg
  • weight of tent base 350 kg
  • equipment tent weight 300 kg
  • overall length (with sleeves) 11.79 m
  • overall width (at the base) 17.60 m
  • maximum height 8.10 m
  • overall length 10.00 m internal
  • total usable internal space 128.0 m2