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Complete life cycle support

As a manufacturer of modern military vehicles, based on the latest technical solutions, we are aware how important it is for the customer, to get the support on many different levels throughout the whole product life cycle. By supplying ROSOMAK Armoured Modular Vehicles we provide our customers not only a vehicle but also the knowledge, experience and assistance in every aspect related to our products.

We know our customer’s needs and we are able to adopt, therefore beside the production we provide the services necessary to fully exploit AMV ROSOMAK’s capabilities. We develop, design and create new, special versions of the vehicles. We provide training for soldiers who use the AMVs or who are responsible for their maintenance and service. We supply spare parts and carry out overhauls and repairs. We support the Polish Armed Forces during foreign missions, exercises and daily tasks.

We do support Product Life Cycle completely.

Service center

During the foreign missions, the Polish Armed Forces usually use their best tool for carrying out operations – The Rosomak Armoured Personnel Carrier. Approximately 200 Rossomak APCs were used abroad. Their readiness during ISAF operations was retained well above 85 percent. Taking into account that some vehicles were damaged on routes due to terrorist actions, mainly by IED booby traps, other were serviced due to maintenance schedule and operational needs,  that is a very high percentage. Such a good result was achieved thanks to the service teams efficiency in Afghanistan supported by specialists in Poland, but also because of a spare parts storage that was created within the own logistic support system in Rosomak S.A. The company invests in maintenance and  service facilities in Poland, which will serve the Polish Army for the next 30 years. 

Thanks to the investments, a modern, built  from scratch, multi-station service hall with pole and drive-on crane was built on site. Computer testers and specialized diagnostic software have been developed to evaluate vehicle status and damage assessment. The service was provided with special stands for turrets, chassis frames and many other components that provide a free access for the technicians and allow to transfer components between test benches for testing. The engineers are able to predict, with up to 90 percent accuracy, possible damages that can occur during vehicle operation, taking into account their age and mileage, as well as the parts that may be needed to fit out the buffer storehouse.

Rosomak S.A. is an authorized partner of the APC’s components suppliers such as: Patria, OTO Melara (Leonardo), Dougra, Webasto or Eberspaecher. The technicians acquire their skills during many trainings, which are confirmed by the obtained certificates.  All our partners especially appreciate the exceptional field experience of Rosomak servicemen from Chad and Afghanistan. Also colleagues of Polish soldiers from NATO countries who participated in the ISAF operation appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of technical support provided by the Company.

Training center

Rosomak S.A. provides the first stage of Military Training Programme for drivers, vehicle commanders and gunners and a series of specialized training in the maintenance of vehicles and equipment. The Specialist Training Centre has its own training facilities, also benefits from all levels of production and service at Rosomak S.A. 
Classes are held at the AMV assembly line, where students have the opportunity to become familiar with the construction of the vehicle including the sensitive elements due to the operation and maintenance of the vehicle in combat conditions. Another place used in training and service is the Repair Center, where current vehicle service and repair warranty and post-warranty vehicles are serviced, including vehicles that have returned from the ISAF operation in Afghanistan. The training program allows trained soldiers to carry out all required tasks, supported under the close supervision of experienced technicians. This is the stage of training where most maintenance errors are committed by users. 

An important practical part of training is the company proving track, where testing is conducted for all vehicles leaving the production line and where students pass the driving course. Rosomak S.A. also take advantage of whole year available water tank at Rybnik power plant, where tests are conducted for swimming capabilities of APCs.

The training capability of the company is currently 1500 people per year which is 400-450 complete crews and at least 100 technicians - vehicles, armaments and equipment.