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Rosomak S.A. at MSPO 2017

It is the only event of this sector in Poland, which every year attracts to Kielce thousands of visitors from all over the world. Among them are heads of state, official delegations, including representatives of Embassies, Ministries of defense, senior staff of the army and the defense Ministers from Poland and abroad. This year's exhibition once again was by the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Polish Republic.

This year, at Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) exhibition, Rosomak S.A. presented 3 versions of tank destroyers:

• The 8x8 Tank Destroyer

The 8x8 Tank Destroyer is a combination of reliable, combat proven Rosomak APC with a modern HITFACT 120 turret system which, thanks to its low recoil power and high accuracy, provides firepower at the main battle tank level. Optimized dimensions and  the turret weight do not limit the tactical and mobility capabilities of the vehicle. APC Rosomak is a modular vehicle based on the latest concept, which allows its adaptation to a variety of tasks and conditions of the modern battlefield.
The 8x8 Tank Destroyer is primarily designed to hit ground targets, including enemy’s tanks. Turret and vehicle armour provides ballistic protection at level 4 according to STANAG 4569.

• The 6x6 Tank Destroyer

The 6x6 Armoured Modular Vehicle – Tank Destroyer equipped with the long range Anti Tank Guided Missiles system.
The vehicle design was based on proven concept used in the Rosomak APC family. High power combined with limited size and weight, provides good  manoeuvring capabilities  and allows for easy drive in difficult terrain. The used armour provides ballistic protection at level 2, in accordance with STANAG 4569 in the 360° zone around the vehicle and at level 4 at its front, at an angle of 60°.

The main weapon of the 6x6 Tank Destroyer are the multi-purpose, electro-optical Anti Tank Guided Missiles – Spike NLOS with wireless, real-time data link for ranges up to 25 km. They provide the gunner with the unique ability to attack targets at stand-off range with no line of sight.
The Spike NLOS weapon system can be operated in either direct attack mode or mid-course navigation mode based on target coordinates. These modes enable the defeat of long-range hidden targets with pinpoint precision, damage assessment and the obtaining of real-time intelligence. The electro-optical seeker incorporates a dual sensor capable of effectively engaging targets day and night and in adverse weather conditions.

• The 4x4 Tank Destroyer

The Tank Destroyer is a 4x4 armoured vehicle with the turret system, equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun and integrated Anti Tank Guided Missiles launchers . As a platform of the system, a proven lightweight tactical vehicle – Eagle was used.
The cabin is equipped with a double V-shaped floor, which reduces the kinetic energy transfer of the explosion. The vehicle provides high payload, large internal capacity and flexible cargo space. Thanks to the unique De-Dion suspension system and high-mobility anti-slope stabilizers, the Eagle provides the crew a high level of survivability.

The Samson Mini RWS is a compact turret system. The RWS highly accurate target engagement and auto-tracking capabilities, combined with accurate stabilization mechanism, provide superior performance in adverse conditions. Samson Mini’s open architecture allows to configure additional sensors and tactical C4I for effective battlefield response.