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Movie marketing promotion

The Ministry of National Defense and the Polish Armament Group S.A. in a joint effort to raise awareness of Historic activities of Accused Soldiers, engaged in the promotion of the film " Historia Roja czyli w ziemi lepiej słychać".

On 7 May 2016 at Rosomak S.A. a get together was held with a school group from High School No. 5 in Siemianowice Slaskie, under which history of “Accused Soldiers” was presented based on a film, where the main character is Mieczysław Dziemieszkiewicz "Swarm".

The meeting began with a Rosomak S.A. multimedia presentation to familiarize the participants with the history and achievements of the Company and most of all the possibilities of the Rosomak armoured vehicle. Shortly after, a representative of the film producer gave a talk about the film. The students were enthralled by the film, where after a quiz was organized about the main character and the prize was the opportunity to try the Rosomak driver simulator.

In addition, the students had the opportunity to see the Rosomak service hall and training centre with simulators. The whole day concluded with distribution of gifts and a group photo with the Rosomak in the background.