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Celebration of the 65th anniversary of Rosomak S.A.

Among the many invited guests in the ceremony participated: Ministry of National Defence representatives, silesian provincial vice-governor Mr. Mariusz Trepka, military units commanders, Member of the Management Board of the Polish Armaments Group Mr. Maciej Lew-Mirski, the Supervisory Board of Rosomak S.A., the Presidents, members of the management boards and representatives of the companies, universities and R&D units cooperating with our company.

On May 22nd, 1952, 65 years ago, a state-owned enterprise called Military Mechanical Works in Siemianowice Śląskie, a precursor of today's Rosomak S.A., was established by the order of the Minister of National Defense.

Our company is a company with traditions. Its history dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when a small forge workshop was built on the site of the present-day factory producing vans and steam boilers. In the interwar period, after the merger of the plant with a well-known in Silesia Ludwik Zieleniewski’s company, apart from steam boilers, oil boilers and all boiler fittings were also produced. In September 1939, the Germany takes over the factory and sets the production for war purposes completely. After the war, the polish army created the tanks repair plant, which was later recast into a military unit.

Thus, we reach the date of May 22nd, 1952, the establishment of Military Mechanical Works. At that point the company began activities with repairing vehicles and T-34 tanks. In the 60’s, the first T-55 and T-55A tanks came to the facility. They were repaired and upgraded into the T-55AM version. In 1982 - 1989, Military Mechanical Works participated in a construction contract of a T-55 Tank repair base in India. The next stage was related to T-72 tanks repairs for the Polish Army. In middle 90’s, upgrading works on the BRDM-2 armoured reconnaissance vehicle began. As a result, a whole family of upgraded vehicles was created.

In 1999, Poland joined NATO and obligated to gradually develop its military potential. In pursuit of this commitment, a tender for wheeled armoured vehicles was announced, which the Military Mechanical Works, cooperating with the finnish Patria and italian Oto Melara (Leonardo), won. Signed by the MOD on April 15th, 2003, the contract for the delivery of 570 Wheeled Armoured Vehicles within 10 years, begins a new dynamic stage in the company's development. The first ROSOMAK vehicles were delivered to the polish Armed Forces in 2004.

Soon our vehicle was subjected to the greatest test. After the necessary adjustments, ROSOMAK APCs were sent to Afghanistan to support Polish Military Contingents of NATO Force - ISAF. It was a great test which we have passed successfully. The vehicle has confirmed the technical-tactical value, efficiency of numerous systems and ballistic resistance guarantee the greatest possible security for the soldiers. The principle that we are with our service as close as possible, to the place where the transporters are used, has proven its value.

In 2013, after the first contract was completed we signed a new contract with MOD to deliver another 307 vehicles by the end of 2019, which will be adapted to special versions.

Considering ROSOMAK's success in Afghanistan, its recognition among the commanders and staff of the dozens of anti-terrorist coalition countries involved in this mission, we decided to use the brand for marketing purposes by changing our company name to Rosomak S.A. This courageous step was made to increase the company's influence on foreign markets and stimulate exports, a goal so important in a market economy. We achieved the first export result by selling dozens of vehicles to one of the middle-east countries. Many discussions are ongoing, and in each of them there is an effect of Rosomak's promotion as a result of its use in the Afghan mission.

We are the crew, which has objectives, mission and passion for creation. Our most important customer and the partner at the same time – Ministry of National Defence of Poland greatly appreciates our advantages, which it proves frequently. We respect our factory because our fathers worked here, and often also our grandfathers. They taught us respect for this spot and taught us that it is not only a factory, but also a property built by many generations. Thanks to the APCs produced in Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland possess technologies and production expertise, which place our country among the leading providers of modern defence systems.

With the support of Polish Armament Group we constantly develop our company, investing in solutions, which turns the factory into one of the most modern military vehicle production plant in the world. Looking at the sixty five years of the company’s history, we can be optimistic and we know that the future challenges will be fully addressed, and our products will meet requirements of the future battlefield. We are convinced that we explore the opportunity due to our previous experience, creating products fully meeting the requirements of the Polish Armed Forces.

All these for our common security.