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Heavy Wheeled Evacuation and Technical Rescue Vehicle HARDUN

Heavy Wheeled Evacuation and Technical Rescue Vehicle "HARDUN" is a vehicle with high payload and increased mobility with 8x8 drive system, designed to perform the tasks of technical support of subunits equipped with wheeled vehicles, in particular KTO Rosomak and vehicles based on Rosomak chassis.

The vehicle’s specialized equipment is intended for evacuation and rescue operations as well as towing of the trucks, wheeled vehicles, trailers and semitrailers with GVW up to 26 t. The vehicle’s cabin is designed to carry four people and provides ballistic protection at level 2 according to STANAG 4569A and mine protection level 2B according to STANAG 4569B.
The vehicle is equipped with i.a.:
• lifting and towing device with a hydraulic drive, designed for lifting and fixing with dedicated equipment of towed vehicles
• Central Tire Inflation System
• rescue equipment for conducting actions in day and night conditions
• hydraulic crane, two-part, with maximum reach of 10,25 m and minimum 1,7 m and a lifting capacity at the minimum reach of 16 000 kg, and maximum reach of 3 900 kg
• dozer blade with hydraulic drive, which enables the vehicle to clear rubble and other obstacles of the road in combat conditions and can stabilize the vehicle during crane operation
• the main hydraulic winch (240 kN), with the rope used at the front or rear of the vehicle, which is intended for evacuation of damaged vehicles, it may also be used as a self-evacuation winch
• auxiliary hydraulic winch.

Technical data

Length 11,8 m Speed max. 90 km/h
Width 2,6 m Crane outreach max. 10,25 m
Height  3,4 m Operational range 448 - 655 km
GVW 36 000 kg  Lifting capacity with max. outreach
– max. lifting capacity
3900 - 16000 kg