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Forcible Entry Door Simulator

The Forcible Entry Door Simulator was designed in cooperation with the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Siemianowice Śląskie.
The simulator is a response to the needs reported by representatives of the State Fire Service, who, apart from real rescue operations, did not have the opportunity to practice breaking the door. In situations where every minute can be decisive, getting through a blocked door quickly is one of the key elements of the operations.


  • easy assembly and disassembly - instalation in different locations
  • door installation on both sides - left and right door
  • low operating costs over the entire life cycle - locks simulated with wooden bolts
  • modular design
  • limitation of the space of operation - a narrow corridor

  • the door can be closed with 1, 2 or 3 bolts
  • different gauge and hardness = different levels of difficulty (up to 55 mm X 62 mm)
  • adjustable pressure force of the door to the frame (up to 105 kg)
  • narrow corridor simulation by using side plates

Technical data

overall height 2 041 mm
overall width 1 133 mm
door width 696 mm
lenght with stand 1 400 mm
„flexible” hinges  
- adjustable pressing force 40 kg - 105 kg
slit width adjustment między drzwiami a ościeżnicą
total weight 366 kg
each of the elements can be carried by 2 people in accordance with current health and safety standards