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Driver training simulator – JASKIER

Jaskier simulator is the first in line of simulators developed and based on Polish software and copyright intended to be used in the teaching process of drivers - mechanics of Rosomak AMV vehicles and for improving their driving abilities within harsh and dangerous conditions.

The Simulator may be used as stand alone or as a platoon configuration and enables training in the following scope:

  • construction and operation of the mechanisms of the mechanic – driver compartment
  • starting the engine in different conditions
  • starting and stopping in the flat terrain and on the hillsides
  • different terrain conditions driving training
  • different weather conditions driving training
  • overcoming terrain obstacles
  • making a habit of observation of the engine operation parameters
  • driving in the closed formation
  • battlefield driving and during fire fights

Applied solutions enable to configure the simulator in two different variants: Basic version – cabin mounted on wheels or the Extended version – cabin mounted on a movable platform, which replicates the vehicle movement in different terrain conditions. JASKIER simulators can be linked together in order to simulate a platoon or company structures. In addition each type of JASKIER simulator can be linked with small arms training system SK-1 or TH-1 simulators, Tasznik simulator e.g.

Technical data

Length 3,0 m Height 1,8 m
Width 3,2 m Weight Weight

Number of programmed activities and trainings unlimited.