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Commander and gunner training simulator – TASZNIK

This is the next in line of simulators developed and based on Polish software and copyright intended to be used in the teaching process of Commanders and Gunners of Rosomak AMV vehicles. The Simulator may be used as stand alone or as a platoon configuration.

Enables training in the following scope:

  • construction and operation of mechanisms of the HITFIST 30mm turret
  • commissioning of the devices
  • procedures for firing
  • Commander and Gunner interaction
  • firing in different conditions
  • firing in different weather conditions and lighting;
  • teaching the turret crew the correct procedures and correct use of the FCS components
  • observing the behavior of the crew in dangerous situations.

The solutions and technologies allow the configuration of the simulator in two variants: firstly a base version mounted on wheels or in the extended version, which has the cabin mounted to a mobile platform, which simulates the movements of the vehicle driving in different conditions. The TASZNIK simulators may be linked together to form, depending on the training needs, a platoon or company. In addition, each TASZNIK simulator can be connected to the TH-1, SK-1 and JASKIER simulators.

Technical data

Length 3,0 m Height 2,4 m
Width 2,4 m Weight 1 350 kg