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Additional armour modular system

The Additional Armour Set consists of a passive ballistic protection system for the vehicle and crew. It is pided into nine assembly sets comprising all protection zones:

  • the front part of the roof of the vehicle,  in front of the driver
  • the vehicle’s sides
  • the vehicle’s roof section in front of the engines compartment
  • the vehicle’s wheel wells
  • the vehicle’s rear
  • the vehicle’s roof rear section
  • the turret’s sides
  • the turret’s roof
  • the underside turret zone

The inpidual elements of armour are made of various types of materials such as steel, aluminum, ceramic and aramid. Each element is mounted to the hull of the vehicle by suitable fastener.


Technical data

Protected area approx. 35 m2 - 45 m2
Overall weight from 2 up to 5 tons
Protection level from level 2 up to level 5 according to STANAG 4569

Durability and resistance 

to environmental factors:

the same us the vehicle,

resistant to long-term storage in the open air